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We a looking for parties that can provide up-front funding to support early development


If you can offer small-scale funding of £10k to £20k, in-kind resources, specialist expertise, advice, or experience across the intersection of areas the innovation platform addresses.

We are looking for

Upfront funding to support early development


Networks of SMEs to attract to the platform


Networks of Local Authorities for us to involve in the conversation to ensure the platform is useful to them

Our ‘partner’ or supporting organisations will act as ‘critical friends’, promoters and help drive traffic to the platform.


Production of a minimum viable product - 15-20 SME videos and business cases


The development of the Platform - £10k 


An unconference or hack event to design the solution: £10k


A start-up fund to enable a ‘Thin Slice’ problem to be solved - either a specific service design problem  or a service area (e.g. Health and Social Care): £10k


We will also be seeking funding from ‘Early Adopter’ SMEs, who will pay a subscription fee of £2,000 - a £500 reduction on our proposed final fixed fee.

Phase 1 | September 2018 - December 2018

Deliver the pilot which has been developed through working with a small group of Stakeholders and Local Authorities


Showcase 15-20 SMEs offering a reduced rate subscription. Filming will initially be London based. Using this information we will create a template page which can be used for large scale roll out.


Collate a comprehensive list of SMEs for the thin slice. Attract subscribers using stakeholder networks and LinkedIn blogs.


Create reusable business cases for each technology sector/product. Prioritise service areas for SME products (e.g. adult social care and health integration, single view technology etc.)

Phase 2 | January 2019 onwards

Review and refine the platform, incorporating lessons learned from the pilot and move into phased roll out of larger scale video creation.



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