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Sleuth is a cooperative. This means we’re owned and controlled by our members, who all share a common desire to work in better ways - better for our clients, better for our members and better for society.

Sleuth is a Freelance Workers’ Cooperative that will always be more than 50% women and will have a majority female board.

Board Members

If you’re interested in the type of work we’re doing or want to become a member of the co-op - you’re a Friend of Sleuth.


As a friend, you can work with us and for us, support us, or partner with us on bids for work.

We will keep a list of the names of Friends on our website


Friends of Sleuth who have shown an interest in the co-op - how it’s run and what it does - can ask to become a member. At the next meeting of the co-op board members will review applications. 

Membership means greater involvement and a greater decision-making role. You'll contribute your ideas, work with us, and have a say on how the cooperative is run. Members met every three months.

All members of the co-op can attend all meetings - full co-op meetings and board meetings.

Three or Five board members are elected from the cooperative membership,

with 2 seats coming up for election every 12 months. Board members agree new work, review membership applications.


All members ideas will be listened to, with any membership issues dealt with compassionately; understanding concerns and taking effective action.


Everyone associated with Sleuth is held to the same standards; we want to work in an inclusive, responsive, and respectful 


Be respectful and follow our ethical, equality and environmental policies at all times;


Aspire to actively bring in relevant work to the co-op, or work with other co-op members who are;


Amplify the Sleuth message through posting or commenting on our members' posts on social media; LinkedIn and Twitter;


Check and engage with Slack weekly, this is where members will circulate draft documents to be commented on;


Proactively identify issues and resolve them with other members if needs be;


When working on a project all communications must happen through email addresses;


Sleuth aims to provide affordable, sustainable products and services and decent livelihoods, rather than just generate excessive profits for others. Sleuth believes that enterprise can be profitable, but excess profits are used for wider benefit rather than just enriching individuals. Sleuth is working towards building a common wealth, owned and controlled - as much as is practical - by workers, customers, tenants, and communities.


Sleuth as an organisation is committed to a radical and ecological view of society. We will strive to achieve the highest ecological and social ethical standards - these will take into account not just the ecological impact of our work, but the impact on poorer communities across the globe and on non-human animals.


Sleuth is and will remain unbiased - independent of all political parties and organisations. Its attitude toward any political party will be guided by the extent to which its policies and practices accord with the objectives of the co-operative.


Sleuth promotes social justice and supports enterprises that seek to be part of a fair, just and equitable relationship between the individual and the natural world.


Sleuth promotes enterprises that have structures which are as open, equitable, democratic, inclusive and accountable as possible, and consciously operate as part of a collaborative, mutually supportive local system - paying all workers fairly.


Sleuth supports appropriate localisation - enterprises that operate at a scale appropriate to the environment, the needs they are meeting and their business sector, with regard to sourcing, distribution, and interaction with the wider economy. They don’t all have to grow endlessly. They provide local goods for local people as locally as possible, where this makes sense.


Sleuth supports the principle of democratic accountability in the workplace and will seek to foster those organisations that practice it. In industrial disputes between employers and employees, Sleuth will support those who conform to its principles.




Membership means greater involvement and a greater decision-making role.



Engage in the running of Sleuth and attend meetings whenever possible - once every 3 months as a minimum. Failing to attend 3 meetings in a row forfeits your membership;


Aspire to contribute ideas to help improve Sleuth's outputs, whilst listening and respecting ideas contributed by other members;


Help to grow Sleuth, by introducing new members and amplifying our message through social media channels - including linking to the Sleuth Cooperative Company Page on LinkedIn;


Share our ways of working and recognise our idea of what makes Sleuth different;


Help develop the membership policy;

Ensure a 50% female membership.​​

How any financial surplus is spent;

Who represents you on the co-op board, or put yourself up for election;



We are always looking for inspiring new friends and members. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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