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Adelaide Adade

A self-confessed and proud generalist, having worked across international development, consultancy, charity, and public sectors. Experience in programme design and delivery, strategy, research, marketing, communications and large-scale events. Loves exploration, creative arts, fashion, music, and people


Eleanor Nichols

An Interior Architect who uses a refined design eye to find creative solutions to complicated problems. Experience in working early on with start-up creative agencies to make the most of a small team to create large design packages for time sensitive projects. Experience in research for how SMEs can interact with Local Authorities to create more meaningful, and useful, relationships.


Hilary Simpson

Gets results - faster - by connecting with and connecting up energetic creative people that work in - or can help - the public sector. Translates, understands and brings together diverse perspectives to find new insights. With enthusiasm, experience, wisdom and foresight.

A technology, information sharing and data expert, having won the Information Age – Public Sector Deployment of the Year Award 2015.


Louise Molloy

A tenacious and professional manager who has both Operational Management and Service Improvement experience within Public Health. Passionate about improving the hospital experience for both patients and staff with a particular interest in ensuring that systems and processes are established to make it easy for staff to do the right thing.


Toby Baker

Toby designs and delivers programmes that test and scale innovative ways of addressing social challenges - from education to democratic engagement. He wants to help governments do more, and do better (with less).


Philip is a leading agile Business Analyst and Delivery Manager, who specialises in digital transformation projects.  Adept in GAP analysis and discovery projects by helping organisations target their strategy and resources to deliver real business benefit. Has over 30 years’ experience in IT, both on the business and technical side with combined expertise and insights gained from having worked for software houses, financial services, local government, charities and insurance.


Philip Ross


We are a Freelance Cooperative who have the capacity and skills for a wide variety of projects.


We respond quickly to larger scale consultancy requirements, using the diverse networks within our membership to expand as needed.


Our wider membership currently includes; Senior Local Government Business Analysts, Programme Managers, GDPR Consultants, Events Organisers and Photographers, Researchers, and Specialists in Recruitment for Diversity.



If you’re interested in the type of work we’re doing or want to become a member of the co-op - you’re a Friend of Sleuth. As a friend, you can work with us and for us, support us, or partner with us on bids for work.


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